Open Letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutuerres Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


I am Kadir AMAC, born in Northern Kurdistan, writer, living in exile in Brussels, the capital of Europe. On behalf of myself and my nation, I greet you with love and respect.


Yes, with your indulgence, I would like to briefly touch on which region the UN emerged in order to make my point clearer: UN, the families of 68 million civilians and soldiers lost during the Second World War; It emerges at a time when national, regional and global economies are in turmoil.


The first foundations of the UN were laid during the Second World War, when 26 states, due to the nature of an outcome, issued the United Nations Declaration on January 1, 1942, with promises to defeat unjust states. Then the UN Treaty was signed in San Francisco on 26 June 1945, the UN was formally established. This date has been celebrated as UN Day since 24 October 1945. Your Excellency is now in charge of the general secretary of this very important board. Congratulations on your success in your assignment.


Dear Secretary General and Distinguished Heads of State and Government!


of the Turks; You know better than me that with the help of the British and the French, the “State of the Republic of Turkey” was established in Lausanne on the blood of hundreds of thousands of Kurds, the tears and sweat of millions of Kurds.


The colonialist Turkish State has come to these days by mixing glass and diamond pieces together in order to discredit the Kurdistan issue, the freedom cause of the fifty million Kurdish people in the eyes of international institutions and to prevent the understanding of the Kurdish reality.


Dear Secretary General and Distinguished Heads of State and Government!


You know much better than me that political scientists, state theorists and encyclopedists have different perspectives on the concept of “terrorism”, that a single definition cannot be brought by these circles, and that this concept and the concept have different meanings due to these different views. So much so that a decision on a definition of “terrorism” that all international institutions, states, beliefs, politics and sociologists agree on has not yet been decided. Then, we can easily say that the concept of “terrorism” does not “always have a negative meaning for everyone”.


We cannot deny that some movements described as “terrorism” have political aims at the root of these practices and that they resort to means of violence to achieve these goals: I would like to put this concept in a more neutral definition, with your permission:


From past to present, we know that empires, modern states, international institutions, people and individuals have resorted to all means of violence to achieve their goals. Can we define every state, nation, community, group, organization or person that uses the means of violence within the concept of “terrorism” without making any political discrimination?

Normally, when separatist national liberation movements or people’s revolutionaries trying to change the regime of a state confront any government; Shouldn’t the UN and some of its institutions established by considering international norms not violate their impartiality and fulfill their promises that they will strive for peace and security for the conflicting parties?


I would like to come to the subject of using the “Right of Self-Determination” of indigenous nations, which derive their nationality spirit from their primordial, geographical and historical roots: The right and subject of peoples’ self-determination is a concept accepted and supported by both the UN and all global legal institutions. In other words, the UN, according to the Rules of International Law, defined the right of exploited nations not to live under the rule of colonial states, to secede and to fight for it as the concept of “Self-Determination”, LEGALIZED this right according to the norms of international law, and decided on the struggle for independence as an indisputable right.


Dear Secretary General and Distinguished Heads of State and Government!


At this point, the UN comes to mind, which should hear the cries of independence of the exploited and dependent nations. Can the UN really hear the independence cries of the exploited nations? Can he enforce his own laws and decisions against the evil done to them?


On this occasion, I am writing this letter to you and the almighty UN as a Kurdish Intellectual who lives with a sense of responsibility. I ask you to be a voice for our cries! How bitter and sad is it; Despite the Kurdish population of more than fifty million, the Kurdish nation still maintains the title of the most populous nation without a state.


Dear Secretary General and Distinguished Heads of State and Government!


With your high blessings, I would like to remind you of the names of the states established by some communities in the European continent, which are very few in number and live by establishing their own states and determining their future:


Pontificio; It is the smallest country in the world, located in Rome, Italy, at a distance of 0.440 km. this state with a face measurement; It has only 700 inhabitants.


Monaco; It is the second smallest independent state after the Pontificio. Its language is French, its area is 1.49 km. Its population is 32409.


San Marino; This country, which is one of the oldest states with a republican form of government, has a surface area of ​​61.2, a population of 28117, and its language is Italian.


Liechtenstein; It is located between Sweden and Austria. Its surface area is 160 km. population, 34600, language is German.


Andorra; It is a small independent country between France and Spain with a surface area of ​​468 and a population of 69250.


Although these nations are communities with a very small population, they have the title of an independent state, while the Kurds, with a population of more than 50 million, are one of the most ancient nations of the world, why are they still homeless in their own homeland, still barefoot, still stateless and still in a perse-sharp state, in the wind. swept in all directions, like the leaf swept away? Isn’t it a great injustice that the Kurds in this situation still do not have a state? Does the UN have no share or responsibility in this table?


After the empires, all the societies of our planet passed from nationality to nation, from nation to state; While this situation is legitimate for them, why are the Kurds deprived of this right? I think this situation is a great injustice and misfortune for the Kurds.


The British and the French, whose names I have mentioned above; They blinded the Kurds with the hand of the Turks, and then told the blinded Kurds that they had the freedom to look out the window. What else did they do? They cut off our language at the hands of the Turks, left us speechless, and then shamelessly told us Kurds, “You have the freedom to sing whenever you want!”



Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


The Jewish nation suffered terrible evils and suffered. They were eventually liberated, liberated, and established the state of Israel on their ancestral lands. We know that the UN has made great contributions to this issue. Likewise, when the Jews were going to kill Jesus, son of Mary, the prophet Jesus lived only in fear of death. However, the evil done to the Kurds by the Turkish, Arab and Iranian States is much more painful! Because the Kurds lost their lives, they lost their homeland and they lost their language!


We Kurds have always been strangers within nations, foreigners within states, orphaned, wandering barefoot, they cut our tongues, they took our eyes off, they distorted our memory. We can’t remember and we can’t speak! We no longer have the strength to endure, the UN can put an end to our suffering, because that is the purpose of its establishment. By using his power and authority, he can easily resolve the Kurdish issue.


Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


Kurds have been doing politics for half a century to express themselves in the democratic field. During this time, many Kurdish parties were formed. Although they did not attempt any acts of violence, their work was evaluated by Turkish courts as terrorist activities and they were closed. The tradition of the Turkish state to close down Kurdish parties in Northern Kurdistan, to dismiss elected mayors, to imprison them and to appoint trustees in their place dates back to the 1977 and 1979 local elections. In the 1977 local elections, Mehdi Zana won the elections from Diyarbekir and Edip Solmaz won the elections as an independent candidate from Batman. However, Mehdi Zana was dismissed and imprisoned in 1980. Edip Solmaz was murdered in 1979 by the dark forces of the Turkish Republic. In the same year, Nadir Temel won the mayoral election in Hilvan district of Urfa. However, Nadir Temel was dismissed shortly after and a trustee was appointed in his place.


The colonialist practices of the Turkish state towards Kurdish politics and Kurdish municipalities were not limited to the years 1977-1979. Especially in the early 1990s, when a group of Kurdish politicians left the SHP due to the pressures they experienced after their participation in the Kurdish Conference in Europe, and became involved in politics under the roof of the HEP, the pressures on Kurdish politics increased. After the attempts of the Kurdish deputies mentioned in this process to make politics on a democratic basis in line with their will, the Turkish state entered into a necrophilous neurosis and could not slow down.


showed his racist face and made massacres by turning to the civilian masses. While civilians were massacred, especially in settlements such as Hakkari, Yüksekova, Çukurca, Kozluk, Nusaybin, Kızıltepe, Kurtalan, Lice, Kulp, municipal buildings were occupied and the will of the people was disregarded, the houses of the mayors were scanned and the mayors were arrested and imprisoned.


The Turkish state murdered DEP Mardin Deputy Mehmet Sincar in Batman on September 4, 1993. These pressures culminated with the lifting of the immunity of DEP deputies in parliament and their detention on March 2, 1994. T.R. Disregarding even the state ‘s own laws, he detained DEP deputies Leyla Zana, Hatip Dicle, Orhan Doğan and Selim Sadak by force and sentenced them to 15 years of heavy imprisonment in accordance with Article 125 of the TCK.


In the 1999 local elections, DEHAP, the continuation of DEP, won 37 municipalities in total. Between 1999 and 2009, the Turkish Republic seized tens of these thirty-seven municipalities won by DEHAP and appointed trustees. In 2000-2012, Siirt Mayor Selim Özalp, Diyarbekir Mayor Feridun Çelik and Van Mayor Bekir Kaya, who were elected from HADEP, were detained and arrested.


In 2015, 18 DBP co-mayors were arrested. In 2016, he appointed trustees to 28 mayors. Dozens of elected mayors, especially Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality co-mayors and Batman Municipality co-mayors, were detained and arrested.


Finally, Kurdish politicians gathered around the HDP roof party and entered the election. In the election, they achieved a great success by winning 76 deputies and 124 municipalities. Using the KOBANE WALKINGS and the trench-digging actions of Kurdish youth in 2015 as an excuse, the Turkish state ripped through the Kurdish geography, primarily Varto, Silvan, Lice, Nusaybin, Sur, Cizre and Gever. He killed thousands of Kurdish children by shooting more than their age. He exhibited the dead bodies of Kurdish women, naked, in the middle of the street. They destroyed the homes of Kurdish mothers with their modern technological weapons. Kurdish mothers were not even allowed to bury their babies, forcing Kurdish mothers to hide their babies’ bodies in refrigerators for weeks. He committed a massacre in the village of Roboski and in the basement of a building in Cizre. One of the world’s first settlements, the magnificent Hasankeyfi with a history of 12 thousand years, was buried under water. He beat cemeteries, mosques and historical places with cannons. It has evacuated more than 5 thousand Kurdish villages in 40 years, forcing millions of Kurds to migrate.




He imprisoned tens of thousands of patriotic Kurdish children, especially Kurdish politicians, deputies, mayors, writers, journalists and administrators. Turkish security forces murder a Kurdish youth and the body is packed and mailed to his mother!


Currently, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chairs Selhatttin Demirtaş, 10 deputies together with Figen Yüksekdağ have been imprisoned for six years.


And finally, there is the allegation that the “Turkish Army” used CHEMICAL GASES during its operations against Kurdish guerrilla forces in the Autumn of 2022. In fact, this situation was clearly reflected on the cameras. The Turkish State has openly violated the “Chemical Weapons Convention” by committing war crimes. In short, this is the situation of the Kurds; the word ends and people are shocked!


Yes, T.C. We have tried to summarize with the above chronological information the fact that the state of the Kurdish political movement has not tolerated any political work, word, action or demand in the last 40 years. Therefore, the political chronology of the Kurdish political movement between 1977 and 2016 shows us the following truth:


1977-2019 The Kurdish political movement, which made politics on a democratic basis in Northern Kurdistan, could not achieve any gain (education and administration in the mother tongue) despite all its good intentions and efforts, and it could not be instrumental in any change in the official antagonism of the Turkish state.


Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


As a nation, we extend the hand of peace to the Turkish state, they say no, we say let’s be brothers, they say no, we want our rights through democratic and parliamentary means and they say no!


Yes, I know, war is such an ugly thing! As a nation, we never desire war. So what shall we do?


Undoubtedly, these statements of mine are terrible and they are also things that will offend the dignity of the human family. In other words, no matter what worldview, belief or culture one looks at, every moral person and every person with a conscience knows that what was done to the Kurds is a great injustice and evil. In addition, every state with law and democracy bears witness to this reality.


In the history of our national liberation struggle in Kurdistan, the European Union states did not help us, the UN did not help us, NATO did not help us, Russia and Germany were completely hostile to us. We cannot deny that the Americans have been of great help. USA (in South and Rojava Kurdistan); In the North, he helped TC


Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


  • On behalf of the fifty million Kurdish people, I make the following demands from the UN: “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights”, “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights”, which are the main subsidiary institutions of the UN that deal with human rights issues and determine human rights policy.


The war in the cities of Kurdistan by a mixed, independent and expert commission committee, which will be composed of the Supreme Court of the United Nations, the “UN Human Rights Committee”, the “UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the “UN Sub-Commission on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights”. I request you to prepare studies, researches, recommendations, recommendations and reports on chemical weapons, violence, torture, rights violations in prisons, racism, freedom of expression, language and religion-based discrimination and other human rights issues.


  • I request you to initiate the “Mediation for Peace” initiative within the UN body to end this war between Turkey and the Kurds, which has been going on for 40 years, and to establish a lasting environment of peace, stability and prosperity.


  • Recalling a historical resolution of the UN General Assembly that gave Palestine “observer state status at the UN” 8 years ago, I request the “Security Council resolution 2334” to grant “observer state status at the UN” within Kurdistan.


Kind regards Kadir AMAC- Author-Sociologist

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