Open Letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutuerres Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


I am Kadir AMAC, born in Northern Kurdistan, writer, living in exile in Brussels, the capital of Europe. On behalf of myself and my nation, I greet you with love and respect.


Yes, with your indulgence, I would like to briefly touch on which region the UN emerged in order to make my point clearer: UN, the families of 68 million civilians and soldiers lost during the Second World War; It emerges at a time when national, regional and global economies are in turmoil.


The first foundations of the UN were laid during the Second World War, when 26 states, due to the nature of an outcome, issued the United Nations Declaration on January 1, 1942, with promises to defeat unjust states. Then the UN Treaty was signed in San Francisco on 26 June 1945, the UN was formally established. This date has been celebrated as UN Day since 24 October 1945. Your Excellency is now in charge of the general secretary of this very important board. Congratulations on your success in your assignment.


Dear Secretary General and Distinguished Heads of State and Government!


of the Turks; You know better than me that with the help of the British and the French, the “State of the Republic of Turkey” was established in Lausanne on the blood of hundreds of thousands of Kurds, the tears and sweat of millions of Kurds.


The colonialist Turkish State has come to these days by mixing glass and diamond pieces together in order to discredit the Kurdistan issue, the freedom cause of the fifty million Kurdish people in the eyes of international institutions and to prevent the understanding of the Kurdish reality.


Dear Secretary General and Distinguished Heads of State and Government!


You know much better than me that political scientists, state theorists and encyclopedists have different perspectives on the concept of “terrorism”, that a single definition cannot be brought by these circles, and that this concept and the concept have different meanings due to these different views. So much so that a decision on a definition of “terrorism” that all international institutions, states, beliefs, politics and sociologists agree on has not yet been decided. Then, we can easily say that the concept of “terrorism” does not “always have a negative meaning for everyone”.


We cannot deny that some movements described as “terrorism” have political aims at the root of these practices and that they resort to means of violence to achieve these goals: I would like to put this concept in a more neutral definition, with your permission:


From past to present, we know that empires, modern states, international institutions, people and individuals have resorted to all means of violence to achieve their goals. Can we define every state, nation, community, group, organization or person that uses the means of violence within the concept of “terrorism” without making any political discrimination?

Normally, when separatist national liberation movements or people’s revolutionaries trying to change the regime of a state confront any government; Shouldn’t the UN and some of its institutions established by considering international norms not violate their impartiality and fulfill their promises that they will strive for peace and security for the conflicting parties?


I would like to come to the subject of using the “Right of Self-Determination” of indigenous nations, which derive their nationality spirit from their primordial, geographical and historical roots: The right and subject of peoples’ self-determination is a concept accepted and supported by both the UN and all global legal institutions. In other words, the UN, according to the Rules of International Law, defined the right of exploited nations not to live under the rule of colonial states, to secede and to fight for it as the concept of “Self-Determination”, LEGALIZED this right according to the norms of international law, and decided on the struggle for independence as an indisputable right.


Dear Secretary General and Distinguished Heads of State and Government!


At this point, the UN comes to mind, which should hear the cries of independence of the exploited and dependent nations. Can the UN really hear the independence cries of the exploited nations? Can he enforce his own laws and decisions against the evil done to them?


On this occasion, I am writing this letter to you and the almighty UN as a Kurdish Intellectual who lives with a sense of responsibility. I ask you to be a voice for our cries! How bitter and sad is it; Despite the Kurdish population of more than fifty million, the Kurdish nation still maintains the title of the most populous nation without a state.


Dear Secretary General and Distinguished Heads of State and Government!


With your high blessings, I would like to remind you of the names of the states established by some communities in the European continent, which are very few in number and live by establishing their own states and determining their future:


Pontificio; It is the smallest country in the world, located in Rome, Italy, at a distance of 0.440 km. this state with a face measurement; It has only 700 inhabitants.


Monaco; It is the second smallest independent state after the Pontificio. Its language is French, its area is 1.49 km. Its population is 32409.


San Marino; This country, which is one of the oldest states with a republican form of government, has a surface area of ​​61.2, a population of 28117, and its language is Italian.


Liechtenstein; It is located between Sweden and Austria. Its surface area is 160 km. population, 34600, language is German.


Andorra; It is a small independent country between France and Spain with a surface area of ​​468 and a population of 69250.


Although these nations are communities with a very small population, they have the title of an independent state, while the Kurds, with a population of more than 50 million, are one of the most ancient nations of the world, why are they still homeless in their own homeland, still barefoot, still stateless and still in a perse-sharp state, in the wind. swept in all directions, like the leaf swept away? Isn’t it a great injustice that the Kurds in this situation still do not have a state? Does the UN have no share or responsibility in this table?


After the empires, all the societies of our planet passed from nationality to nation, from nation to state; While this situation is legitimate for them, why are the Kurds deprived of this right? I think this situation is a great injustice and misfortune for the Kurds.


The British and the French, whose names I have mentioned above; They blinded the Kurds with the hand of the Turks, and then told the blinded Kurds that they had the freedom to look out the window. What else did they do? They cut off our language at the hands of the Turks, left us speechless, and then shamelessly told us Kurds, “You have the freedom to sing whenever you want!”



Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


The Jewish nation suffered terrible evils and suffered. They were eventually liberated, liberated, and established the state of Israel on their ancestral lands. We know that the UN has made great contributions to this issue. Likewise, when the Jews were going to kill Jesus, son of Mary, the prophet Jesus lived only in fear of death. However, the evil done to the Kurds by the Turkish, Arab and Iranian States is much more painful! Because the Kurds lost their lives, they lost their homeland and they lost their language!


We Kurds have always been strangers within nations, foreigners within states, orphaned, wandering barefoot, they cut our tongues, they took our eyes off, they distorted our memory. We can’t remember and we can’t speak! We no longer have the strength to endure, the UN can put an end to our suffering, because that is the purpose of its establishment. By using his power and authority, he can easily resolve the Kurdish issue.


Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


Kurds have been doing politics for half a century to express themselves in the democratic field. During this time, many Kurdish parties were formed. Although they did not attempt any acts of violence, their work was evaluated by Turkish courts as terrorist activities and they were closed. The tradition of the Turkish state to close down Kurdish parties in Northern Kurdistan, to dismiss elected mayors, to imprison them and to appoint trustees in their place dates back to the 1977 and 1979 local elections. In the 1977 local elections, Mehdi Zana won the elections from Diyarbekir and Edip Solmaz won the elections as an independent candidate from Batman. However, Mehdi Zana was dismissed and imprisoned in 1980. Edip Solmaz was murdered in 1979 by the dark forces of the Turkish Republic. In the same year, Nadir Temel won the mayoral election in Hilvan district of Urfa. However, Nadir Temel was dismissed shortly after and a trustee was appointed in his place.


The colonialist practices of the Turkish state towards Kurdish politics and Kurdish municipalities were not limited to the years 1977-1979. Especially in the early 1990s, when a group of Kurdish politicians left the SHP due to the pressures they experienced after their participation in the Kurdish Conference in Europe, and became involved in politics under the roof of the HEP, the pressures on Kurdish politics increased. After the attempts of the Kurdish deputies mentioned in this process to make politics on a democratic basis in line with their will, the Turkish state entered into a necrophilous neurosis and could not slow down.


showed his racist face and made massacres by turning to the civilian masses. While civilians were massacred, especially in settlements such as Hakkari, Yüksekova, Çukurca, Kozluk, Nusaybin, Kızıltepe, Kurtalan, Lice, Kulp, municipal buildings were occupied and the will of the people was disregarded, the houses of the mayors were scanned and the mayors were arrested and imprisoned.


The Turkish state murdered DEP Mardin Deputy Mehmet Sincar in Batman on September 4, 1993. These pressures culminated with the lifting of the immunity of DEP deputies in parliament and their detention on March 2, 1994. T.R. Disregarding even the state ‘s own laws, he detained DEP deputies Leyla Zana, Hatip Dicle, Orhan Doğan and Selim Sadak by force and sentenced them to 15 years of heavy imprisonment in accordance with Article 125 of the TCK.


In the 1999 local elections, DEHAP, the continuation of DEP, won 37 municipalities in total. Between 1999 and 2009, the Turkish Republic seized tens of these thirty-seven municipalities won by DEHAP and appointed trustees. In 2000-2012, Siirt Mayor Selim Özalp, Diyarbekir Mayor Feridun Çelik and Van Mayor Bekir Kaya, who were elected from HADEP, were detained and arrested.


In 2015, 18 DBP co-mayors were arrested. In 2016, he appointed trustees to 28 mayors. Dozens of elected mayors, especially Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality co-mayors and Batman Municipality co-mayors, were detained and arrested.


Finally, Kurdish politicians gathered around the HDP roof party and entered the election. In the election, they achieved a great success by winning 76 deputies and 124 municipalities. Using the KOBANE WALKINGS and the trench-digging actions of Kurdish youth in 2015 as an excuse, the Turkish state ripped through the Kurdish geography, primarily Varto, Silvan, Lice, Nusaybin, Sur, Cizre and Gever. He killed thousands of Kurdish children by shooting more than their age. He exhibited the dead bodies of Kurdish women, naked, in the middle of the street. They destroyed the homes of Kurdish mothers with their modern technological weapons. Kurdish mothers were not even allowed to bury their babies, forcing Kurdish mothers to hide their babies’ bodies in refrigerators for weeks. He committed a massacre in the village of Roboski and in the basement of a building in Cizre. One of the world’s first settlements, the magnificent Hasankeyfi with a history of 12 thousand years, was buried under water. He beat cemeteries, mosques and historical places with cannons. It has evacuated more than 5 thousand Kurdish villages in 40 years, forcing millions of Kurds to migrate.




He imprisoned tens of thousands of patriotic Kurdish children, especially Kurdish politicians, deputies, mayors, writers, journalists and administrators. Turkish security forces murder a Kurdish youth and the body is packed and mailed to his mother!


Currently, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-Chairs Selhatttin Demirtaş, 10 deputies together with Figen Yüksekdağ have been imprisoned for six years.


And finally, there is the allegation that the “Turkish Army” used CHEMICAL GASES during its operations against Kurdish guerrilla forces in the Autumn of 2022. In fact, this situation was clearly reflected on the cameras. The Turkish State has openly violated the “Chemical Weapons Convention” by committing war crimes. In short, this is the situation of the Kurds; the word ends and people are shocked!


Yes, T.C. We have tried to summarize with the above chronological information the fact that the state of the Kurdish political movement has not tolerated any political work, word, action or demand in the last 40 years. Therefore, the political chronology of the Kurdish political movement between 1977 and 2016 shows us the following truth:


1977-2019 The Kurdish political movement, which made politics on a democratic basis in Northern Kurdistan, could not achieve any gain (education and administration in the mother tongue) despite all its good intentions and efforts, and it could not be instrumental in any change in the official antagonism of the Turkish state.


Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


As a nation, we extend the hand of peace to the Turkish state, they say no, we say let’s be brothers, they say no, we want our rights through democratic and parliamentary means and they say no!


Yes, I know, war is such an ugly thing! As a nation, we never desire war. So what shall we do?


Undoubtedly, these statements of mine are terrible and they are also things that will offend the dignity of the human family. In other words, no matter what worldview, belief or culture one looks at, every moral person and every person with a conscience knows that what was done to the Kurds is a great injustice and evil. In addition, every state with law and democracy bears witness to this reality.


In the history of our national liberation struggle in Kurdistan, the European Union states did not help us, the UN did not help us, NATO did not help us, Russia and Germany were completely hostile to us. We cannot deny that the Americans have been of great help. USA (in South and Rojava Kurdistan); In the North, he helped TC


Dear Secretary General, Distinguished Heads of State and Government,


  • On behalf of the fifty million Kurdish people, I make the following demands from the UN: “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights”, “UN High Commissioner for Human Rights”, which are the main subsidiary institutions of the UN that deal with human rights issues and determine human rights policy.


The war in the cities of Kurdistan by a mixed, independent and expert commission committee, which will be composed of the Supreme Court of the United Nations, the “UN Human Rights Committee”, the “UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the “UN Sub-Commission on the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights”. I request you to prepare studies, researches, recommendations, recommendations and reports on chemical weapons, violence, torture, rights violations in prisons, racism, freedom of expression, language and religion-based discrimination and other human rights issues.


  • I request you to initiate the “Mediation for Peace” initiative within the UN body to end this war between Turkey and the Kurds, which has been going on for 40 years, and to establish a lasting environment of peace, stability and prosperity.


  • Recalling a historical resolution of the UN General Assembly that gave Palestine “observer state status at the UN” 8 years ago, I request the “Security Council resolution 2334” to grant “observer state status at the UN” within Kurdistan.


Kind regards Kadir AMAC- Author-Sociologist


Dear Mr. President Joe Biden,


I want to start with the words of Thomas Jefferson, who wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “When government fears people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny.”


I congratulate you to be elected as the new president of the United States by defeating Trump and his company, who made the human family go through 4 years of darkness and fear, damaged the democracy tradition of your country, turned your people’s peace climate into a climate of shrewdness, lowered your score in the world democracy league, and endangered your mission to lead our world. Also, I would like to share with you that you have drowned the stateless Kurds, who have a population of 50 million, with great joy by being elected as the president of the USA.


Dear President, the phrase “the best commander is the one who wins the war without a fight” by the Chinese Sun Tzu has inspired philosophers, historians, sociologists and political scientists on issues on related wars and their origins. According to the Greek philosopher Plato, the source of all wars is ambition, pleasure seeking and ignorance. Or, as Spinoza said, “If people do not fight, it does not mean they are in peace. Peace is not a state of no war, but a separate matter of virtue.”


If we take Spinoza’s above statement as a reference; we know we cannot claim the world to be in a state of peace just because there are no ongoing hot wars. Furthermore, philosophers and political scientists of our modern age paint a different war-no war panorama than Plato and Spinoza. According to them, there are two types of warfare in the modern age based on “Micro” and “Macro” war theories. The Micro War Theory takes human biology and psychology as its reference and it considers genetically-engrained human aggression as the cause of wars. Such aggression, however, is far beyond our survival instinct to seek food, shelter, and protection for family, loved ones, and the homeland.


The Macro War theory is based on history and political science. It corresponds exactly to ambition, pleasure-seeking and power that Plato points out. In other words, the theory of macro war focuses on the power and ambitions of expansionist and colonialist states. However, it is the States, not nations, that decide and determine the fate of wars in this theory of war.


Macro and Micro war theories offer us the opportunity to make a concrete analysis on the political sovereignty established by the occupying Turkish-Arab-Persian state over the Kurdish people and the occupation movement in the territory of the Kurdish country.


Dear President, as you know the concepts of “terrorism” and “terrorist” have been difficult to define both theoretically and in the context of political science and political sociology. A significant number of political scientists agree that the definitions they brought to the concept of terrorism over the course of a century were unscientific, and Machiavellian definitions in line with the political interests of nation-states.


Dear President, of course, every fact that is real for me is rational. Because when we resort to the science of philosophy, we understand that no phenomenon and things are entirely coincidental. Another thing is political science and political sociology help us understand politics and things more accurately. However, political science and political sociology deal with the study of political events in a “naturalist” manner. Because political science and political sociology never get angry with political events and things; but it tries to understand how political events and things exist (political ontology).


The concepts of sovereignty, territory, legitimacy and authority, which are all 100% interconnected, have been the main subject of political science and focus of successful politicians like you. Example: In this sense, when we look at the recent history of Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, the Balkans and the Caucasus, we see America’s strong contributions and leadership role in the emergence of free and independent nations.


As you know, when the 1965-1968 city center riots broke out in your country, the American media and academics suddenly discovered violence in America.

Likewise, while the nations of the former Yugoslav state brutally strangled each other in the 1990s, Europeans realized that they were not free from terror and violence. Every time I go to Germany, every time I look at the face of the Germans that I encounter on the streets, I find it hard to convince myself that these people have once done the inhumane deeds of the Holocaust!


The “Mayflower Agreement” and the “Boston Massacre”, which left their mark on the history of independence and freedom of the American nation, have been a source of inspiration for me. As you know, the Mayflower Agreement earned American colonies cultures of territory, self-governance, and political consciousness – it helped found the American nation and the notion of independence.


It would be a great injustice not to mention the name of Thomas Paine while talking about the history of America’s independence. Thomas Paine was a thinker who pumped the ideas of independence into the mind and heart of the 13 American colonies. He was also a political scientist who showed the path to independence to political leaders such as Samuel, Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.


Mr. President, these personalities, whose names we count, are your national heroes who left their mark on the independence of the United States and established a throne in the heart of America nation! But the Kingdom of England did not think like the American people. Britain regarded your warriors, politicians and philosophers, who have left their mark on American independence as “traitors”, “evil” and “terrorist” people, and invited you to reward your “headhunters” with money for the murder of your heroes who achieved your independence you know!


In this sense, the whole human family knows that for half a century, Kurdish fighters and Kurdish politics have been waging a struggle against the Turkish-Arab-Persian state for the territorial and political domination of the Kurds. Especially in this half century, we witnessed that the Turkish state did not refrain from using the biggest terror and terror methods of a century against Kurdish politicians and Kurdish patriots.


Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran have occupied the Kurdish country in the name of “Islamic brotherhood.” Thjey have divided it into four parts among themselves, and slaughtered the barefoot people with the most brutal methods. And then they label Kurdish people, politicians and fighters as terrorists, who responded with rebellion against such systemic occupation and who do not condescend to any method of violence other than legitimate defense methods to regain their homeland and political sovereignty.


However, the efforts of the Turkish state to suppress the national struggle of the Kurds and to terrorize it in the world league of states have not worked. By carrying out an aggressive and threatening policy towards Armenia, Greece, and other neighboring countries of the region and European states, Turkey could not avoid gathering the reactions of civilized and democratic states.


Mr. President, political scientists use this old saying a lot: “One’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.” So, there are always strong reasons behind every violent movement. While the Basques are fighting against the Spanish state, the Tamils ​​against the Sri Lanka state, the Irish against the British state, the Kurds against the Turkish-Arab-Persian states for their political sovereignty, these occupying states do not want freedom loving nations to be free; on the contrary, they prefer to suppress their legitimate struggle for a decent life!


Dear President, I would like to remind you that we have the opportunity to reveal the fact that Kurdish fighters are the only ones who comply with the “Geneva War Convention” in the history of world war through the scientific research of the United Nations. Your military units and the intelligence units operating in Kurdistan know very well while YPG wages a war against Islamist terrorist organizations in the lands of Western Kurdistan they do not carry out a single action against civilians.


What is even more important is that Kurdish fighters have never been engaged in a single act of violence in any countries; not in Turkey, Europe or anywhere else. Because it is known by your intelligence units that the Kurdish freedom movement embraces a secular life and bases all its references on science, democracy, and human dignity. In addition, the Kurds have no problem with the US and the Israeli state, the Jewish and Christian people. Kurds are the oldest and most secular nation in the Middle East. A nation with a culture of democracy, a nation in which the Israeli state and the Jewish nation can be the only neighbor, and a nation that will work in harmony with the United States in the Middle East and establish the sincerest friendship!


In particular, this point is very interesting: the Kurds have not carried out a single hijacking, a single sabotage and a single assassination act against the United States since the history of the national liberation struggle! Most importantly, the Kurds never tolerated the nose bleeding of a single American soldier, single American police, or a single American citizen!


With this practice, Kurdish politicians, Kurdish fighters, Kurdish intellectuals and the Kurdish nation have proven that they regard the USA as a world leader and friend. But we cannot say same thing about the terrorist state of Iran and Turkey. I am sure your intelligence agencies have plenty of intel to inform you of the hostilities by Iran, Turkey and Erdogan against you personally and your country!


I would also like to mention the following paradox for civilized and democratic states: Mujahideen Erdogan and his occupying generals are invading the country of Kurdistan, taking away the political sovereignty of the Kurds, banning their language, riddling Kurdistan cities with unprecedented methods in history, demolishing their graves, and destroying the 12,000-year-old Hasankeyf. They are murdering Kurdish women brutally, exposing their bodies naked in the middle of the street, brutally murdering Kurdish youth, dragging dead bodies on the ground by tying them to armored vehicles, killing nearly a thousand Kurdish children by firing bullets over them, taking politicians, MPs and mayors as prisoners. No civilized state has resisted these atrocities by Turkish security forces. In 2016, the Turkish Army shelled and destroyed half a dozen town in Southern Turkey. Now, Erdogan says that it was FETO (the cleric in Pennsylvania) who did that. That is not true. It was Erdogan. You know what kind of a man he is. You stated that he was supporting ISIS. But now he is trying to make it up with you. I know you will resort to diplomacy and try to reason with him, but as the most pro-Kurdish American President please do not be tricked by his lies. He boasts that he has outlived Presidents Bush, Obama, and will even think of outliving you. You must not allow him to fool America.


While the Kurds were experiencing these pains in their countries, who represented the Kurds, Mr. President, and who allowed them to be brutally murdered in their country? Of course, colonial parliament and colonial courts! Mr. President! We were killed, slaughtered and raped because we were Kurds! This is how Europe and the world left us Kurds alone in our hardest and most painful days!


You know that President Wilson, about 6 months before the end of World War I, at the joint session of the US Congress on January 8, 1918, made his post-war views to the American and world public opinion in the form of a 14-point text called “Wilson Principles”. When we refer to historical documents, we see that President Wilson especially expressed his opinion in favor of the withdrawal of the occupying soldiers from Belgium, Romania and Serbia, for Poland to become an independent state and for the Kurds living under the occupation and rule of the Turkish state to be granted autonomy or full independence.


Mr. President, as you know, the Americans declared that they were fighting for independence with Britain between 1776 and 1781, rather than a struggle for terror and revolution. So, we know that the problem between America and Britain is not a matter of social, economic and acculturation rights, but of political sovereignty altogether!


At this point, by your permission, I would like to briefly touch on the subject of self-determination of nations: It is a concept accepted and supported by both the UN and all international legal institutions. In other words, the legality of the armed and political struggle of the colonial nations like the Kurds to gain their independence by using their “Self Determination” rights in order not to live under the rule of the colonialist states.


Dear President! As you know, your country is the strongest and most rational in the world league of states. A country without power can be compared to a leaf that cannot stand against the wind, being thrown into the air. Of course, power does not mean one hundred percent evil. I do not think that the concepts of power and violence mean the same thing. Power is military, political, economic, information and psychological departments.


In this sense, as the Kurds do not have a military, political, economic and psychological power, they are thrown into the air by the Turkish, Arab and Persian states as the wind blows a weak leaf in the air! Yes, Mr. President! We Kurds, with a population of 50 million and a land area of ​​530,000 square meters, want to live freely with our dignity!

Especially, we do not want our children to be killed by more bullets than their ages, our youth to be martyred in the war, our people to leave their villages and cities to migrate, and our leaders, politicians and writers to be imprisoned.


We Kurds are a nation left barefoot on earth! We want to be the masters of our own lands like every nation! Like every nation, we want to receive education and training in our mother tongue! Like every nation, we want to have a flag and a passport!

If they ask us as a nation; what is the worst thing no doubt we call it slavery! As a nation, we know very well that fighting and war are at least are as terrible as slavery! Because we are a peace-loving nation and we do not want to fight anyone! Despite everything, as a nation, we want to extend the hand of peace to our enemies again!


Dear President! On May 19, 2015, as the Vice President of the US, you assured Mr. Barzani of a brighter future by saying “Dear President, cheer up. We both will see an independent Kurdish State before the end of our times.” These words have never been forgotten amongst us the Kurds and they have made you a hero in our eyes. Now, time is on our side and you have the support of both American and Kurdish people to bring the occupying tables to the table for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue in the Middle east. Rest assured that many Kurds in America supported your campaign wholeheartedly. I know of one scientist in Update NY who worked tirelessly and contributed to your campaign multiple times.


As you know, you held a meeting titled “Kurdish issue” in Istanbul exactly 5 years ago, in January 2016, and invited Kurdish parliamentarians from all parties to the meeting.

The Turkish government has expressed its dissatisfaction with your meetings and objections. Despite their objections, you once again renewed your determination to support the PYD and the oppressed Kurdish people to fight ISIS in Syria, and you gave the Kurds a great excitement, hope and confidence! Here I wrote this letter, taking courage from your honorable and just stance.


Dear President! Therefore, a great duty falls on the United States of America and yours! I am aware that your mission is tough as you rule your country and the world! In order to put an end to this terrible war, I suggest you personally invite all the parties back to the peace and negotiation table, share the conversation with the Kurdish public, allocate an international passport to the Democratic Syrian Forces General Commander Mazlum Kobanê, let PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan meet with his lawyers, act as a mediator and arbitrator under the guarantorship of the United States, ensure the removal of terrorist labeling from Kurdish groups, and request the release of HDP former co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş and the continuation of the peace process!

Dear President! Your democratic and peaceful initiatives will lead to the end of this terrible war, and will win the admiration of the world nations and the Kurdish nation! Yes, you have the power to make it happen! If you do this favor to the Kurds; the consciousness of history will honor your name and country, and the human family will applaud you and your state.


Yours truly.



Kadir Amaç – Author and Social Scientist


Letter to Charles Michel (European Council President)

LeƩer to the European Union!



Mr. Michel, President of the Council, and esteemed Prime Ministers of the member
I am Kadir Purpose. I am Kurdish. I am very interested in social sciences. I have been living in
Brussels, the capital of postmodern civilizaƟon and democracy tradiƟon, for 16 years. First of
all, I greet you all and offer my love and respect.
I would like to state that I wholeheartedly agree with the following statement about poliƟcal
authority: “The best government is the one that governs least.” Especially the modern naƟon
ideology immediately aŌer the Second World War; It needed a new state model to make the
peoples of the world forget the nightmarish days it caused and to make the peoples of the
world happy. The pioneers of scienƟfic thought, as a result of long efforts, tried to build a
new state model that was very different from the naƟon-state model. Undoubtedly,
scienƟfic thought would play a leading role in this modern state model to be newly built.
The name of this new state model built by the capitalist paradigm was: “Modern State” –
“OpƟmal State”. In order to improve the image of this new state and unleash its potenƟal,
state government theorists would not fail to enlist the collaboraƟve support of other
branches of scienƟfic thought: theology, anthropology, ethnology, sociology and philology.
However, he would be careful not to exclude anyone, and he would intend not to exclude
anyone. This desire would also pave the way for the birth of the European Union, which was
a first.
Mr. Michel, President of the Council, and esteemed Prime Ministers of the member
As you know, today’s “European Union Parliament” formed; The historical condiƟons aŌer
1945 and the search for modern state models that I tried to briefly menƟon above. These
pursuits also pioneered the process of regional unity. We can easily say that the following
are among the lower and upper factors of the condiƟons related to this union:
The construcƟon of the ConƟnent of Europe, which was turned into hell by the Second
World War; there was a need to raise the level of welfare by prioriƟzing peace, security,
democracy, freedoms and economic development based on human rights and social
cooperaƟon. The sense of protecƟng the European ConƟnent from Soviet expansionism was
also highlighted. To end the conflicts, hosƟliƟes and rivalries between Germany and France,
which have historically been at war and unseƩled their socieƟes; I also have to point out
that the second reason is the desire to bring this problem to a permanent soluƟon and bring
By the way, with your permission, I would like to menƟon the name of Jean Monnet, who
had a very serious effort in the formaƟon of this regional union. In 1951, at the iniƟaƟve of
Jean Monnet, the former Secretary General of the League of NaƟons, and adviser to the
then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman.
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By the way, with your permission, I would like to menƟon the name of Jean Monnet, who
had a very serious effort in the formaƟon of this regional union. He pioneered the
establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in 1951, with the iniƟaƟve
of Jean Monnet, the former Secretary General of the League of NaƟons, and adviser to the
then French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman.
As you know, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg decided to
establish the union known as the European Economic Community (EEC) with the Treaty of
Rome in 1957. This process, together with processes such as the European Atomic Energy
Community and the Fusion Treaty, started to be called the European CommuniƟes with the
approval of these countries. These developments were included in this process in 1973 as a
result of long efforts and efforts in countries such as the United Kingdom, Denmark and
Ireland. The union also expanded with the parƟcipaƟon of countries in the south of Europe
such as Greece, Spain and Portugal. In 1993, it raƟfied the European Union Treaty
(Maastricht Treaty), which created the European Union (EU) and laid the groundwork for
monetary union, and has grown with 11 enlargement waves to date and has become a major
poliƟcal, cultural and economic power with 27 members.
Mr. Michel, President of the Council, and esteemed Prime Ministers of the member
The poliƟcal ideas of the European Union on fundamental rights and freedoms are
unquesƟonably accepted as the rights derived from internaƟonal treaƟes as fundamental
rights specified and protected by the member states. Some member states have sought
more effecƟve protecƟon in the field of fundamental rights. Some changes made with the
treaƟes have led to some developments in this regard. For example, the “Treaty of
Maastricht”; It introduced the principle of commitment to respect for fundamental rights in
accordance with the 1953 “European ConvenƟon on Human Rights” and the common
tradiƟons of the member states. The “Amsterdam Treaty” (ArƟcles 6 and 7) strengthened
this commitment. The Council may suspend the rights of the Member State concerned in
case of serious and persistent violaƟons of human rights. For the same purpose, the Charter
of Fundamental Rights was proclaimed in Nice, France in 2000.
Mr. Michel, President of the Council, and esteemed Prime Ministers of the member
Now, I would like to briefly discuss the rule of law, protecƟon of human rights and
fundamental freedoms or the development and consolidaƟon of democracy, which is one of
the objecƟves of the “Common Foreign and Security Policy” of the European Union, in the
context of fundamental rights and freedoms of the Kurds. While doing this, I want to make
the voice of the stateless people, the Kurds, with a populaƟon of 50 million, be heard by the
President of the Council and the Parliament, which I consider democraƟc and civilized.
In this context, the common internaƟonal obligaƟons and consƟtuƟonal tradiƟons of the
Member States, with reference to the “European Union DeclaraƟon of Fundamental Rights”,
“Treaty on European Union”, “Community TreaƟes”, “European Human Rights” and
“Fundamental Rights”. and the ConvenƟon for the ProtecƟon of Freedoms”, ”Social
DeclaraƟons” adopted by the Community and the Council of Europe and the ”European
Court of JusƟce” and ”European Court of Human Rights” and to benefit from all the rights
arising from the case-law, and in parƟcular; In the first arƟcle; Human dignity, in the second
arƟcle; The right to life, in the third arƟcle; The right to physical and mental immunity of the
person, in the fourth arƟcle; I invite the implementaƟon of provisions such as the prohibiƟon
of torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment for the fundamental rights of
Kurds and the freedom of future generaƟons.
Why can’t the European Union offer more permanent soluƟons to Turkey by making more
meaningful calls, apart from calling for calm in the Kurdistan issue and making a statement
by observing a policy of balance? Or I would like to ask directly: Are you really trying to help
the Kurds or is your conscience clear about the Kurds? Why don’t you try to pressure the
Turkish State to at least provide educaƟon and training in their mother tongue? I think that
Pakistani intellectual Mohammed Iqbal’s statement “The West killed the heart, the East
killed the mind” makes sense at this point.
Mr. Michel, President of the Council, and esteemed Prime Ministers of the member
I would like to conƟnue my assessments by addressing the issue from a raƟonal and realist
point of view: You know much beƩer than me that “third party” assistance MUST be
provided for the resoluƟon of conflicts and the establishment of lasƟng peace between the
conflicƟng parƟes. The powers that are not parƟes to the Turkish-Kurdish conflict or conflict
strive to find a middle ground between the conflicƟng parƟes. In my opinion, “third parƟes”
bring messages back and forth between the warring powers, addressing the issues one by
one, clarifying them and suggesƟng compromises. For example, the UN’s Ralph Bunche
between Arabs and Israelis in 1949, President Carter between Begin and Anwar Sadat at
Camp David in 1978, and Richard Holbrooke in Dayton on Bosnia in 1995.
We can show you the pracƟces. I think that as much as the parƟes to the poliƟcal conflicts
are willing to seek resoluƟon and peace, the “third parƟes” must also be very determined
and sincere about resoluƟon and peace.
At this point, have you ever thought of proposing a new consƟtuƟon or the “Belgian Model”
to the parƟes in order to end the conflict between the Kurdish and Turkish armed forces and
for the two peoples to live together in fraternity on equal terms?
The President of the Council, Mr. Michel, and the esteemed prime ministers of the member
We can think of the separaƟst demands of the naƟons as an earthquake fault line coming
from its primordial roots. We know that all separaƟst and pro-independence movements
resort to violent devices. The most important reason for this is that the right to poliƟcal
sovereignty is not resolved by democraƟc methods or through dialogue and peace talks. For
these reasons, we all know very well that poliƟcal groups aim for independence by means of
violence. The fact that naƟons such as ETA, PKK, PLO, Tamil Tigers and Tigeros were born on
the right to self-determinaƟon are voiced by all poliƟcal scienƟsts.
There is a saying: “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” If Basques,
PalesƟnians and Tamils have the right to be free and separate from us Kurds, despite their
small size in terms of populaƟon and area, Kurds have the right to obtain their fundamental
rights and freedoms. Isn’t that a very natural right? It is well known that states such as Spain,
Turkey, Israel and Sri Lanka do not want these peoples to have a state like them, and do not
respect the right of these peoples to self-determinaƟon. For example, the Tamil Ilam
LiberaƟon Tigers in Northern Sri Lanka were founded in 1976 and fought for the
independence of Tamils from that date to 2009. They were defeated in the war, but this
problem sƟll conƟnues. More than 60 thousand people died in this war. Likewise, the Igbos
sought to secede from their new state, Biafra, and Nigeria in the late 1960s. But they were
defeated at the end of a long and costly war. However, the Bengalis separated from their
new state Bangladesh and Pakistan in 1971. CroaƟa and Bosnia, in the early 1990s and now
members of the “European Union”; He fought the Serbs to leave Yugoslavia. The Iraqi Kurds
also achieved the federaƟon gain and now they want to become a state step by step.
The Kurds in Syria fought a successful war against fundamentalist and Islamist terrorist
groups and liberated the Kurdish geography under the occupaƟon of Syria. Today, the whole
world knows and sees very well that the Kurds have transformed the two fronts of their
homeland, which was also divided by this war, into a semi-state. Similar efforts are possible
among Kurds in Turkey and Iran. But the Kurds never do this through violence; they want to
solve it with democracy, peace and negoƟaƟon method.
As a human being, as a writer, I do not find it right that neither the Kurds nor the Turks
resort to the means of violence. We live in a civilized and civilized world. As the presidents of
the European Union countries represenƟng the postmodern civilizaƟon, you can resolve the
Kurdistan issue peacefully and democraƟcally and take iniƟaƟve. I also think you have this
Kind regards
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